Good health is a unique gift that we can give to ourselves as there is nothing more valuable. But erratic modern-day lifestyle, utter negligence and terribly delay in timely diagnosis of health challenges can end up in we being healthy. Being unhealthy robs us from being happy. Unhappiness can spoil our peace and performance as an individual and a professional. Obviously, a person with poor health cannot enjoy the gift of being wealthy. Health is more valuable than money. Money cannot buy health and happiness. Money is the most overrated commodity. Only a healthy person can enjoy a state of bliss and happiness. Health is the most underrated blessing.

Our health depends on several lifestyle factors such as balanced food, adequate nutrition, healthy sleeping habits, strong mental condition and also the quality of air, water and sunlight. X Sadly, there are grave health issues in almost every family. Someone or the other in a family suffers from some or the other diseases. The modern treatment only controls symptoms but does not offer permanent cure. It is not only expensive but also ineffective due to increased body resistance.

Good health can help you achieve success, wealth, dream life, achieve life goals and live your life to fullest. But instead of good health being agreat tool of progress and prosperity it becomes a major obstacle in enjoying good quality of life, happiness and professional career. Most chronic diseases are incurable. That means you and your loved ones have to suffer lifelong with continually increasing complications and life-threatening multiple organ failures.

If one individual is not healthy, the entire family suffer. If our families are not healthy, our community, town, city, state and the entire nation is not healthy. How can India be a super power nation without healthy people? Healthy people are the foundation for a healthy nation.

Our constitution gives us the fundamental right of good health and makes state governments responsible for raising the level of nutrition and the standard of living under the National Health Policy. Yet, our national health index is alarmingly poor. In India, about 60% children below the age of 3 are malnourished (a condition that results from not eating enough healthy food), which is one in every three children in the world. India is facing major health challenge due to protein-energy malnutrition, iron deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, iodine deficiency and foliate deficiency.

Recent diseases such as Covid-19, dengue fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to plague India due to increased resistance to drugs. Indians are at particularly high risk for atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease, compared to developed countries. This may be attributed to a genetic predisposition to metabolic syndrome and adverse changes in coronary artery vasodilatation. Apart from heart, cancer and diabetic patients, India is now ranked third highest among countries with HIV-infected people. Due to poor sanitation and inadequate safe drinking water, diarrheal diseases are the primary causes of early childhood mortality. India has the world’s highest incidence of rabies. With newer diseases and lifestyle disorders surfacing every day, we got to be extra alert.

As an individual, we need a paradigm shift the way we handle our health. We need natural and proven approach in addressing our health and cross over to experiencing holistic wellness. Aall Well Solutions offers a comprehensive gene-based wellness program that helps you discover the power of your DNA, identify genetic dispositions and make necessary changes in your lifestyle. We intend to contribute to the larger cause of creating healthy people to build a healthy nation. Join our mission in spreading genomic wellness across India and make our beloved nation a healthy and happy nation.