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As the name suggests, Xene is a comprehensive 12-months long Gene Based Wellness Program that helps discover the root cause of all the existing health concerns and predicts all the future health risks at the genetic level. This comprehensive wellness package has 18 extremely useful Targeted DNA Panels that cover 210 phenotypes and over 300 modern-day health conditions. This saliva-based comprehensive program includes the following:

How does it work ?


Nutrient Deficiency Risks (24)

Food Intolerances & Allergies (10)

Dermatology (12)

Weight Management (12)

Diabetes (18)

Thyroid Health (6)

Cardiac Health (13)

Organ Health (13)

Chronic Kidney Disease (5)

Inflammatory Diseases (8)

Neurological Health (26)

Eating Disorders & Addiction Risks (12)

Gender-Specific Risks (4)

DNA Damage & Biological Ageing (2)

Drug Response (7)

Fitness (26)

Circadian Rhythm & Associated traits (5)

Immunology Genomics (7)