Amongst all our offerings of Xene, a 12-month long comprehensive genetic program, your gene-based ‘Action Plan’ is the most crucial one. Your gene-based Action Plan has a life-time validity for your genetic make-up does not change but your gene-expression does.

Predictive genetic testing combined with gene-based personalized nutrition and customized lifestyle modifications defies the age-old concept of ONE SIZE FITS ALL or RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE. Needless to say, your diet cannot be depending on your anthropometric measurements and blood markers alone anymore.

Consider this. Genes code for every functional element in the human body, right from physical traitslike the eye color, hair texture or body height to the more complex traits like the ability to run faster or digest milk. Similarly, your genes can also determine the risk of various health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

There is an interesting phrase that says ‘Genes load the gun, but it is the environment that pulls the trigger’. In essence, the hard-hitting fact is that you cannot change the genes you are born with but you can prevent the risks in your genes from being ‘expressed’ by modifying your diet and lifestyle. Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, it is now possible for us to analyse our health, based on our genetics. At Aall Well Solutions, we help you unravel the mystery of your DNA.

Now, instead of ending up at a doctor’s clinic on the eleventh hour after severe symptoms, you can opt for predictive and preventive steps, years in advance. You can now take the reins of your life in your own hands. Your genetic report is not only a ‘predictive’ and a ‘preventive’ tool, but can also help form the basis of a diagnosis for devising a precision line of treatment. Xene Life comprehensively exploreswellness, nutrition, medical conditions and fitness. What’s more, we also provide you an insightful genetic counselling followed by a personalized gene-based diet plan with personalized nutritional advise and customized lifestyle modifications so that your journey with us becomes convenient, effective and long-term. This is what we call Gene based Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Solutions.

Personalized Nutrition has been practiced for a very long time, especially by dieticians. This is where you take the person’s gender, age, their medical conditions, biomarkers and personalize their diet according to what their body needs. However, with scientific genetic insights, it is now possible to curate an accurate diet plan, which we call it as Gene-based Personalized Nutrition, where we study the relation between Genetics Nutrition and Health.

At Aall Well Solutions , we recognize that every individual is unique and requires a personalized health plan. Following the genetic test, our well-qualified and experienced in-houseNutrigenomic Counsellors decode the genetics insights for you in a lay-man language and draw out a customized ‘Action Plan’. As the name suggests,’ Action Plan’ is nothing but the plan of action that you are required to take that can help you prevent/or manage your health risks through a tailor-made diet and holistic lifestyle management. Since it is tailor-made based on your genetic insights, there is NO room for trial and error. This is a unique approach in which we recommend you gene-based dietary plan and simple exercise regimen that works best with your body to maximize your individual performance, with which you can live healthier.Your action plan will be a roadmap guiding you to live better, eat better and get better.